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Business Consulting

Assessing, Improving, Transforming

Embedding a new customer-focused culture into the organization implies an approach that involves change management and adoption.

During each phase, our consultants provide their extensive experience to focus on achieving practical, measurable results for our clients while keeping a line-of-sight between vision and reality.

Activeo's Business Consulting group provides expertise and services in the following three areas: 

- Customer Relationship Performance Improvement

- Customer Experience Management Optimization

- Voice of the Customer Analytics


Customer Contact Performance Improvement

The Activeo Business Consulting team performs benchmarks and audits, performance management services, advises using best-practices, recommends key performance indicators, and helps in selecting outsourcing service providers. The team also provides business coaching and training. 

Below are some of the typical needs that enterprises seek our expertise to help them address: 

  • Comparing their Customer Relationship Performance with competitors in the same industry; or with best practices in the market
  • Ensuring their service centers’ are in compliance with the standards ISO 9001 version 2008, COPC, Social Responsibility label
  • Reinforcing their customer service teams’ skills
  • Obtaining the French Customer Care Centers Certification (NF Service CRC)


Customer Experience Management Optimization

Our expertise is to establish customer service development plans, steer organizational change management projects, design processes and formalize procedures, implement process optimization methods (Lean, Six Sigma, Voice of the Customer) and localize / set up customer service centers. All with the ability to transform a general situation or objective into a concrete action plan combining proven methodologies and operational field experience 

Some of the typical customer needs we address include: 

  • Developing a strategic customer management plan
  • Aligning the customer service with strategic objectives
  • Implementing a company culture that fosters best practice and knowledge-sharing
  • Improving customer experience by prioritizing and optimizing selective processes
  • Creating, implementing or relocating customer contact centers

Voice of the Customer Analytics

This teams’ expertise is to identify state-of-the-art technologies to fulfill requirements and business needs, provide preliminary study and ROI calculation, write scope statements and manage the implementation of the chosen solution with reorganized IT providers and service vendors.

The key differentiators are based on the understanding of the businesses stakes and the technical feasibility and being a facilitator between IT and other business departments such as Marketing and Customer Services.

The most frequent client needs are: 

  • Categorization analysis
  • Root causes
  • Information extraction from various Databases
  • Seeking of CRM or Knowledge Management solutions
  • Design of call center solutions (IVR, ACD, Workforce management, e-mail management…)

Change Management and Performance Improvement Best-Practices
Successful efforts to re-orient an enterprise toward its customers require dynamic change and an improvement process to evolve and grow:

Our Business Consulting team provides you with the framework, best-practices, key processes, performance measures and targets that identify where your organization is on the maturity scale.  With the insight and understanding of your strengths and gaps, we help your organization identify key improvement areas and an actionable plan that will enable your call center to get to the next level.  



Activeo's Expertise in Addressing Top Challenges and Needs

Activeo consultants collaborate with the operational teams of our clients to help them address three major categories of issues.



1/ Promoting the evolution of organizations and Customer Relations

How to anticipate and respond to changes in the market?

How to consolidate and reorganize customer interaction activities?

  • Definition of the vision of Customer
  • Relations, consistent with the new strategy of the enterprise.
  • Analysis of target organizations and projections of operational and financial gains.
  • Evaluation of options regarding in-house and outsourced activities.
  • Design of operational programs 

2/ Improving customer satisfaction and loyalty

How better to respond to customer expectations ? How to increase both customer and employee satisfaction.

  • Comparative analysis of customer expectations
  • Analysis and streamlining of contacts, and creation of self-service facilities appreciated by customers.
  • Orienting practices and the entire enterprise toward customer satisfaction

3/ Optimizing customer contact management

How to achieve performance objectives?

How to identify the causes of problems, in order to solve them and reduce operational costs?

  • Operational diagnostic of Customer Contact Centers.
  • Workflow and process optimization.
  • Improving scheduling.
  • Analyzing the efficiency of practices and their managerial impact.
  • Optimized management of outsourcing.