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Customer contact architecture should be perfected in both major technical domains: computer information systems and unified communications. All communication modes – the enterprise PABX, mobile telephones, e-mail, and the website are at last combined into a single architecture based upon IP.

This convergence offers wider perspectives to the Customer Contact Center. IP Telephony allows convergence of portals with contact center and collaborative work. It brings reductions in the costs for infrastructure, maintenance, and administration.

Thanks to solutions integrating CTI routing and features, enterprises may manage their customer relations in the most efficient and personalized manner. Customer calls are automatically directed to the agent best-suited to respond immediately to the customer’s specific need. This automatic routing permits the increased efficiency of the Contact Center while at the same time assuring greater customer satisfaction and strengthening the image of the enterprise.

Customer Contact offre synthese

The challenge customers’ face is related to System design and conception, a precise cost of ownership, drive the project respecting key parameters with efficient handling of support and good planning of system evolution.

Activeo bring a lot of expertise and years of proven results in contact center expertise. Projects are successfully managed with turnkey commitment in terms of time, costs, functionalities and quality.

Our system integration teams have a wide experience in various technology environments with the right level of certifications. Activeo also advises customers on key vendors evolution and roadmaps

Innovative Solutions for Efficient Unified Communications

Since customer relation management is gaining an increasingly strategic role, Contact Centers will experience an expansion of their functions, beyond the traditional boundaries of the agent, the site, or the ACD – to be extended even to the enterprise as a whole. Thus, the enterprise itself becomes intrinsically a customer Contact Center.

The integrated software offers powerful features for intelligent call management, truly allowing an enterprise to establish interactive relations with its customers via all media: telephone, Internet, fax, and e-mail interfacing with the various databases, and desktop applications.

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The richness of this infrastructure allows applications to exploit the integration of data, voice, and images, using application servers offering diverse functions: telephony unified messaging, and multimedia customer contact. And these interaction functions are made available on a variety of terminal types: computers, PDAs, IP phones and smart phones.

Our services include:

  • Delivery of contact center on turnkey mode
  • Installation, configuration and training
  • Continual user support on time & material basis
  • Operational technical audit
  • Corrective et preventive support and maintenance





Customer Contact Management  

Activeo prides itself not only as having subject matter experts, integrators and consultant in Contact Centers, but also as a software solution provider. 

Thanks to an ergonomic and packaged configuration, ContactLine is an indispensable tool that measurably improves service quality, responsiveness, ease of use, and other many benefits that derive from having an effective CRM solution.

Among the many features, ContactLine includes the following:

  • The creation of call scripts for telemarketing, telesales, and teleservice campaigns. 
  • Configuration is simplified by a group of ready-to-use function modules: customer lookup, contact history, callback scheduling, order taking, and handling objections. A
  • Tools for real-time supervision and activity reports -  a definite advantage for supervisors and agents striving to optimize Contact Center performance.




ContactLine's latest module is designed for a sales force in the field, and communicates back with the Contact Center, allowing the follow-up of sales prospects. In service of customer relations, ContactLine is a fully-developed solution that integrates the handling, automation, and availability of information.


Workforce Optimization: Quality Monitoring, E-Learning & Workforce Management

Recording modules allow customers to capitalize on content exchanges with their clients through phone, e-mail, chat or Web. By allowing various services to record such information, companies can improve customer service thus reinforcing its competitive advantage.

Activeo proposes quality monitoring solutions based on Verint Witness Impact 360 solution. This solution is completely integrated with IP and allows automatic recording of information exchange from any workstation, any channel and any site. It is also possible to label the recording as Sales, opportunity, complaint and establish later search according to such criteria. This information can then be sent to the appropriate service for analysis.

Customer Contact offre synthese

The Impact 360 along with the Activeo consulting expertise provides efficient, simple and powerful quality monitoring solution to improve customer service.

Solutions for scheduling human resources bring improvements in efficiency, productivity, and cost management to the complex task of managing Contact Center human resources. The implementation of an automated scheduling system facilitates and makes more flexible the task of adapting human resources to the needs of the Contact Center.

Workforce optimization supports the most complex Contact Center solutions. A unique agent management tool, integrated into the Genesys environment, it helps enterprises to maximize their investment in existing infrastructure while reducing costs and implementation time.

Customer Contact offre synthese

The Impact 360 along with the Activeo consulting expertise provides efficient, simple and powerful quality monitoring solution to improve customer service.







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