360 Vision of the Customer Journey

Mobility and collaboration create a new relation between the supplier and the consumer.   Web  services and phone services are now converging to provide a more comprehensive panel of services.

Enterprises today seek to have a unique point of access to their databases in order to have knowledge of their customer to provide the requested service at the right cost through effective:

- Customer Identification

- Request tracking

- Performance measurement

- One-to-One : know-your-customer

Examples of projects providing a successful 360° vision:

- New channel implementation
- Customer journey optimization
- Self-service integration
- Extension of Customer service beyond the contact center to the back office systems

Activeo covers all the stages of the customer lifecycle by providing business consulting, technology services and specific software in order to provide a 360 integrated vision of the customer journey

Multi-channel integration: covering all aspects of unified communications and collaboration including voice, video, presence email, chat, text, and social media,…)

Apply best practices, using workflows and  processes in order to optimize performance

Provide world-class technology solutions in the areas of IP Contact Center, intelligent routing, multi-channel integration, IVR, speech recognition and knowledge management

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