Created in 2016 from the expertise of the Veolia Group, Homefriend stands as the specialist in customer relations and the acceleration of digital usage in water, energy and territorial services. It offers a customer relations center and digital solutions that favor dedication and service to its clients, operators and local authorities.

“Homefriend offers a range of digital solutions such as mobile applications, a chatbot, a commitment platform to compare consumption, for example, or interactive videos.  An innovative environment which favors the use of digital tools and values skills and people: these are the solid values which the brand embodies.” says Dominique Dumas, Head of Training and Quality at Homefriend.

The Contact Center located in Toulouse employs around 250 staff members and receives more than 60,000 calls per month. Processing and resolving the questions of customers and proposing additional offers are at the heart of the office’s activities. Employees are trained in both customer relations and the water business field as part of the integration, training and skill improvement course. A well-structured path that combines initial training, coaching and follow-up throughout the advisers’ employment.

At the beginning of 2017, Homefriend enlisted Activeo to support the NF 345 process in order to better structure and enhance its expertise. The standard combines management and service performance requirements while integrating the concept of social awareness. “Our employees increased from 25 to 250 very fast, an increase which then offers the opportunity to orchestrate the quality approach, to describe the process and engage the employees in a new and rewarding project,” explains Dominique Dumas. “Thanks to Activeo, the Customer Experience specialist and a  member of the AFNOR standardization committee, we were able to count on unfailing support and guidance throughout the certification project. Between us, we have come up with a document management system (extremely well-tailored to the framework of the project) which details the procedure, implementation and completion of each plan of action. “

The publication of ISO 18295 and its subsequent developments are impacting the scope of Homefriend’s certification. This is renewing confidence in Activeo for this project, which allows the processes to be formalized by revisiting both the internal indicators (social, commitment of the collaborators, satisfaction of the order-givers, …) and those related to interactions by including all the flows (hot, warm, and cold). “We’re taking advantage of this new project by increasing customer feedback and thereby finding out the causes of satisfaction and dissatisfaction, the true levers of innovation. We are also working on HR aspects, particularly internal mobility, skill development, and customer orientation. ” concludes Dominique Dumas.

Being thus certified, Homefriend enjoys strong market recognition. Other projects are being reviewed, such as the integration of chatbots and the improvement of its digital offer to better ‘serve and engage.’

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