Laurastar, the leader of ironing systems for more than 35 years, is a recognized brand reflecting innovation, perfection, elegance and intelligence.
Founded in Switzerland 38 years ago, it has five subsidiaries in Europe today and has sold more than 2.8 million appliances. Drawing on its strong expertise, it recently launched the “first unparalleled online iron”, an ironing system connected to a mobile application.
The appliance is transformed into a personalized trainer which analyzes the user’s movements and sends an alert if the limescale cartridge is finished, for example. The smart, ergonomic and long-lasting product revolutionizes the world of ironing and, in the IOT era, allows for a large amount of valuable data to be captured.

A global digital transition for the brand is required and has been conducted skilfully for proposing a differentiating offer and countering market players which, in this area of household appliances, is being digitalized online.
The transformation stages not only cover product innovation but also marketing, organization, process, tools and skills.

“We wish to act on the customer experience dimension as part of this transformation and have therefore called on the services of Activeo, which specializes in customer relationship and experience, to address this structuring and strategic focus for Laurastar. “ explains Julie Monney, Global Marketing Director.

The implemented approach is collaborative, co-created with all of the departments, devised in order to meet Laurastar’s strategy and is easily measurable and operational. Addressed from the customer experience perspective, it provides short-term actions and a roadmap for the next three years.

The consulting mission led by the Activeo teams is then addressed by customer vision and  experience. Understanding what the customer no longer needs and revealing the full potential of the brand through the digital dimension (channels, IT, organization, process, skills, managerial practices, relational marketing…) have been the major issues of the mission.

“We quickly understood the full business potential generated by the approach for helping to win over customers and increasing customer loyalty” continues Julie Monney.
“Following the success of this first mission, we have again placed our trust in Activeo by continuing with a second highlight, that of defining the relational program. Resolutely multi-channel, it is designed to increase the value of interactions, advise, recommend and propose relevant content, rewards and benefits throughout the customer’s life path.

“We were particularly impressed by Activeo as they advocated a collaborative approach which used engagement levers at key points in the customer lifecycle. A plan that embodies the brand promise, promotes the relational opportunities and makes the data speak.
This, in turn, already allows for developing strong relational and contextual marketing”  continues Julie Monney.

Customer proximity and closeness, connectivity, immediacy… Laurastar has resolutely crossed the transformation stages, boldly creating a way for artificial intelligence to combine automation and customer knowledge.

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