As drivers of digital transformation, the STIME teams deliver and ensure the performance of information systems for nearly 3,000 Les Mousquetaires Group sales outlets, logistics bases and support services. Three main missions are carried out on a daily basis by the Support Department for members in France, Belgium, Poland and Portugal:

Based on the experience of the points of sale….

“A few months ago, our satisfaction survey revealed discrepancies in terms of expectations and requirements of the members (points of sale), reactivity and quality of the answer; a deficit of simplicity and points of improvement widely identified during these returns took part in the triggering of the very first mission of accompaniment council with Activeo. “Sébastien Durand, Director of Point of Sale Support within the IT department, explains.

This first mission was then undertaken to rethink the experience of the points of sale during their multi-channel interactions with the support throughout the process. The expectations and orientations defined in the roadmap were mainly simplicity, speed, serenity and consideration: fundamentals that had to be reinvented to give meaning to the approach.

Then, the dynamic is set in motion and customer orientation becomes a component of the brand promise to become permanently anchored. The missions of revisiting the three versions of the customer journey – assistance, ordering and project support – then developing self-care and creating an e-commerce site to promote an online catalog of products and services were undertaken with Activeo. At the same time, training in relational posture was provided to all front and back office teams.

Innovation, co-creation and… customer culture

“The impetus of customer orientation within the organization is obvious. This cultural change is very promising; it reconsiders the relationship with members and our own operations. Also, in order to facilitate governance and coherence of projects, Activeo held the role of guarantor of the customer experience before perpetuating this function internally,” continues Sébastien Durand.

The recent satisfaction survey conducted among members reveals very encouraging results: a change in mindset and strong customer acculturation, digital acceleration with the availability of a new conversational channel for members, and the creation of an online help site offering a wide range of technical content accessible at any time. These are high value-added contributions that make life easier and improve the performance of members on a daily basis.

“Tomorrow, we intend to work on the quality process, customer complaint handling and voice of the customer, while continuing to professionalize with new tools and practices. Thanks to our collaboration with Activeo, we are continuing our relational, cultural and organizational transformation with a sustainable approach that continues to rely on the experiences of the point of sale for ever greater proximity. “concludes Sébastien Durand.

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