Multichannel Customer Experience

Expand relationship excellence to enhance the customer experience

The customer experience expands its boundaries thanks to technological innovation that personalizes and enriches interaction. A skilful blend of business and solution, human and digital, to meet ever-increasing demands for simplicity, speed and mobility.

How do you choose the solution that will enable you to improve your performance, get closer to your growth targets and engage your employees more and better?

Building the multichannel customer journey

Create value at every contact opportunity by improving customer engagement at every phase of the customer journey, whatever the channel (voice, email, chat, video, digital media). Measure customer satisfaction and effort within the framework of a repository of quality and performance measurement indicators. Offer advisors a single, intuitive interface for greater agility. ​

Create new experiences to enhance the value of interaction and facilitate customer and employee engagement. Our approach and solutions enable you to fine-tune your multi-channel customer experience by :

  • standardizing information across the enterprise
  • Mixing integrated voice and digital channels
  • Adding automation and AI functionalities
  • Providing KPIs and reports to facilitate usage analysis

Optimising human resources management and the quality of exchanges

Today, collaboration is essential to speeding up information processing, pooling skills and facilitating interaction, with the aim of bringing the company ever closer to its customers.

Embodied by the sharing of experience and practices, it enables the connected company to improve performance, productivity and the quality of its relationships. Transformed in this way, the company is able to develop the relationship agility that is vital to winning over and retaining customers.

Recording, listening and quality monitoring modules, and workstation optimisation make it possible to capitalise on exchanges with customers (telephone, email, web, chat, etc.) by making them available to the company’s various departments with the aim of improving customer services and strengthening its competitive position.

Human resources planning solutions provide increasing productivity in managing the costs and efficiency of human resources.

Activeo can help you set up a complete technological base:

Unified Communications

Improving accessibility


Improving the experience

AI, Bots & Speech Assistants

Automating and detecting

Business tools

Maximizing performance

& reporting

Boosting driving performance

A successful Cloud Contact Center project & Accelerating the transformation of organisations

The cloud environment today offers many options and facilitates innovation and agility. Nevertheless, to respond to the concerns of IT and the business, which combine performance, security, cost control and innovation, cloud contact center solutions have many advantages…


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