Business Transformation

Covering all the business and technological challenges of customer relations

A Customer Experience focus that defines the contours of projects to improve the customer journey and customer service performance.

  • Shaping differentiating and innovative experiences
  • Developing operational performance and employee commitment
  • Supporting digital and relational transformation projects
Our value proposition covers the following areas:

Operational Performance & Employee Engagement

Define or rethink your Customer Service operating model. At every stage, Activeo consultants bring a wealth of experience with significant results in France and abroad. This ensures the link between medium-term vision and reality on the ground, in the service of a revisited relational and organizational model.

Multichannel Customer Experience

Organization and Optimization of Customer Journeys thanks to the complementarity of channels, the contribution of AI and the valorization of the human element. Methodological expertise combined with operational feedback is Activeo’s differentiating asset in its ability to transpose a situation and global objectives into a concrete action plan. Simplify and hybridize customer paths to better meet customer needs.

The 10 pillars of Employee Engagement

Employee commitment at the heart of the concerns of a growing number of companies

In recent years, a wave of funds driven by digital has led companies to initiate real transformation projects aimed at placing the customer at the heart of their concerns.

In one way or another, these projects have resulted in the redesign of the experiences that these companies want their customers to enjoy in the short, medium and long term, in particular by seeking to ‘simplify’ the customer journey.

A network of committed partners:

"We decided to enlist the help of a partner for this project, and chose Activeo, whose approach focused on the customer and employee experience."

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