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Customer Experience & Contact Management – Global Reach – Serving the Market since 1993

A differentiation strategy focused on value creation, quality and service.

Since 1993, Activeo has been applying its expertise in the field of customer relations and contact centers, guiding its customers through the preliminary stages of reflection, design and deployment of customer relations projects. Throughout its history, Activeo has favored a strategy of differentiation that emphasizes value creation and service quality, as well as its dual technological and business skills, while leveraging the power of innovation.

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Evolution of the company
Évolution d'Activeo depuis 1993

Our main strength in innovation is therefore closely linked to our dual expertise in technology and business.

Based on a proven methodology, shared experience, white papers and recognized practices, Activeo’s know-how is enriched by an ongoing technological and functional watch to deliver innovative solutions and structuring interventions.

Collaboration and team spirit

By highlighting a team of experts sharing the same culture and values, we can infer an emphasis on collaboration and a strong team spirit within the company.

Commitment to Wellness and Diversity

The evocation of principles such as respect, social responsibility, gender equity and the rejection of any form of disrespectful behavior suggests a commitment to employee well-being and the promotion of diversity within the company.

Transparency and integrity

Commitments to the protection of personal data, the anti-corruption code of conduct, and respect for the principles of integrity, honesty, loyalty and confidentiality reflect an implicit value of transparency and integrity in all interactions and operations.

Operational Excellence

The emphasis on profiles with varied and complementary skills, combined with a high level of quality requirements, suggests an implicit value of constantly striving for operational excellence.

A team of committed experts

Activeo’s strength lies in its team of highly-skilled customer relations experts who share the same culture and values.


Joseph Kort

CEO & Co-Founder LinkedIn Logo


Véronique Godart

France - Managing Partner LinkedIn Logo


Yolande Le Mercier

Switzerland - Regional Director LinkedIn Logo


Jonathan Mondon

Singapore - Regional Director LinkedIn Logo


Vincent Martin

Mauritus - Regional Director LinkedIn Logo


Sasith Fernando

Canada - Regional Director LinkedIn Logo

Vinit Singhal

India - Regional Director LinkedIn Logo

Discover our ecosystem of partners:

Through its expansion, positioning and business model, Activeo interacts with a network of world-renowned technological and institutional partners. Guided by a concern for relevance and impact directly linked to the success of customer projects, the nature of alliances varies according to context, level of integration and business.

Technology partner networks

Institutional partners

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