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Our activities cover all the business and technological challenges of customer relations. ​

If you want to :

  • Strike the right balance between service quality and operational efficiency Strengthen employee commitment over the long term,
  • Align your Customer Service operating model with the target experience you want your customers (internal or external) to enjoy,
  • Boost the operational and/or economic performance of your customer service, in particular by harnessing the full potential of digital technology,
  • Examine your policy on bringing your customer service in-house, outsourcing or re-internalising,
  • Find the partners best placed to meet your customer satisfaction and operational efficiency challenges,


Activeo can help you meet these challenges by addressing all the components of your customer service operating model.


Optimize your customer service contacts… with the “Best Service Is No Service” approach.

As a member of the Limebridge International Alliance, Activeo supports companies in implementing the "Best Service is No Service" approach, created by Bill Price (ex-VP Customer Service at Amazon).

Many customer contact centres focus on internal efficiency and seek the best compromise between quality of response and speed of contact handling. But you can’t reduce processing time indefinitely; there are inevitably limits that can’t be crossed.

Shouldn’t we instead be looking for a different approach, one that will ultimately be both more satisfying for customers and more profitable for the company? Taking the time to solve the customer’s problem, and above all understanding where it comes from so that it doesn’t happen again, are the objectives that should be set.

A quality approach to customer relations.

The quality of your customer relations is a key factor in building loyalty and ensuring the success of your business.

Undertaking a quality initiative (reference system, NF or ISO standard, etc.) offers numerous benefits for the brand, the employee and the customer. With NF Service Relation Client certification, and the Service Excellence label, you can demonstrate that customer satisfaction is at the heart of your concerns!

Revised in 2018, AFNOR’s NF Service Relation Client certification is based on international standards ISO 18295-1 & 2. A genuine guide to best practice, it takes account of new customer expectations and strengthens the link with internal or external contact centres.

Excellence in customer relations is a key element of our positioning. Our consultants will support you throughout your certification project, from defining the scope of certification to the pre-admission audit.

WFO: Combining people development and performance

  • How can we measure and improve the quality and compliance of interactions?
  • How can we empower advisers and provide them with comfort and autonomy?


With the help of WFO – Workforce Optimization – solutions and change management support to provide a high-performance, agile working environment.

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