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A successful collaboration project and a modern working environment.

Collaboration is the key to speeding up the processing of information, pooling skills and facilitating interaction, with the aim of constantly bringing the company closer to its customers.

Activeo can help you to :

  • Developing relational and collaborative agility
  • Accelerate organisational transformation
  • Stimulate the user experience and efficiency culture
  • Enhancing the employer brand and attracting talent


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Develop the company's relational and cooperative agility.

The digital workplace is a unique, professional, secure and agile digital space that enables people to work intelligently both face-to-face and remotely. Assess the business promises of a collaborative and innovative transformation of the company.

Collaboration is the sine qua non for speeding up information processing, pooling skills and facilitating interaction, with the aim of bringing the company ever closer to its customers.

Embodied by the sharing of experience and practices, it enables the connected enterprise to improve performance, productivity, well-being and the quality of relationships.

The keys to a successful collaboration project :

Geographically dispersed and cross-functional teams need applications that enable them to collaborate, share knowledge and produce innovative ideas and content.

Information must be accessible at any time, from anywhere, so that the company can carry out its missions with complete autonomy.

Transformed in this way, the company will be able to develop the agility in its relationships that is vital if it is to win and retain customers.

But choosing a solution is not the only ingredient in a successful project. Supporting its use and adoption will enable you to tackle the human challenges of the transformation. In addition, understanding new ways of working and more horizontal management styles will help to ensure the success and long-term viability of the project.

Best practice:

1. Never guess at expectations and needs.
2. Taking on board the referents and the General Management.
3. Identify current and future frequent use cases.
4. Managing the project from start to finish.
5. Train users by using hybrid play media (mixing traditional and digital media).
6. Monitor the level of adoption and reveal areas that need to be improved while correcting the pitfalls.

The foundation of the extended enterprise is based on collaborative technologies that embrace voice, video, web, mobile and applications, enabling greater immediacy, cooperation and content sharing while eliminating distance constraints. Activeo's teams support technical and business users in the dissemination and adoption of collaborative practices, in particular through the use of Webex Suite solutions.

Launch the project and succeed over the long term.

The time has come to launch your project!

Activeo can help you choose the right solution, install it, upgrade it and make the whole process a success, helping you to roll out and adopt new uses.

We support a flexible yet integrated approach to reducing technology silos and facilitating multi-vendor integration across key collaboration platforms. Our project methodology facilitates end-to-end transformation of the working environment, improves team collaboration and communication, and reduces complexity.


1. Project challenges and objectives 2. Functional scope / Target architecture 3. Support plan for change

Deploy & go live

1. Rollout strategy 2. Customer software deployment 3. User training courses

Set up

1. Implementing the prerequisites 2. Setting 3. Receipt

Support over time

1. Adoption follow-up 2. User support 3. Developing uses and services...

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