1. Share best practices
2. Launch a transforming project
3. Achieve long-term success

Collaboration is extending to the entire workplace, whether face-to-face or remote, as organizations become ever larger and more digitalized. Technology and applications are not the only keys to transformation, as the challenges are first and foremost human and cultural, followed by knowledge and sharing, consumption and security.

Aligned with the company’s culture and practices, processes and uses, the digital workplace must enable every employee to find his or her place in the new hybrid environment, to flourish, to feel good, to evolve and to boost individual and collective performance. Today, connectivity is on the rise, and teamwork is becoming the key to organizational success. Rethinking workspaces, offering hybrid modes – remote, onsite, on the move – and intelligent applications to drive transformation and motivate teams will all have an impact on the experience delivered to customers and on business.

Meeting, exchanging, sharing and collaborating…simply and securely – these are the strengths of many technological solutions on the market.

Discover all the capabilities and support available to help you adopt these tools and drive change within your organization.

Solving the equation: quality of life / employee experience / efficiency and productivity

Discover the best practices for launching and running a transformation project of this type, while facilitating stakeholder buy-in:

  1. Never guess at expectations and needs.
  2. Involve the relevant people and senior management.
  3. Identify current and future use cases.
  4. Manage the project from start to finish.
  5. Train users using fun hybrid media (combining traditional and digital media, video, quizzes, etc.).
  6. Monitor the level of adoption and reveal areas for improvement, while correcting any pitfalls.
  7. Measure effectiveness (qualitative and quantitative indicators) on a recurring basis and make ongoing improvements.
  8. Gather user opinions and feedback via surveys and polls to identify ways of optimizing and improving, and measure engagement.

Launch the project and succeed over the long term

It's time to launch your project!

Activeo supports you in choosing the solution, installing it, customizing it, adopting it, and ensuring its complete success and animation throughout the life of the project.

We support a flexible yet integrated approach to reduce technology silos and facilitate multi-vendor integration on leading collaboration platforms. Our project methodology facilitates end-to-end transformation of the working environment, improves team collaboration and communication, and reduces complexity.

Discover our methodology for this transforming project:



  1. Project stakes & objectives
  2. Functional scope / Target architecture
  3. Change management plan



Deploy & go live

  1. Deployment strategy
  2. Customer software deployments
  3. User training

Set up

  1. Implementation of prerequisites
  2. Setup
  3. Acceptance



Support over time

  1. Adoption follow-up
  2. User support
  3. Development of uses, services…


Activeo, an expert partner for collaboration projects, supports business and technical teams throughout all phases of the project – from definition of requirements to deployment, including training (Qualiopi training plan certification) for all types of users. Activeo’s 24/7 support center and managed services are designed to support companies over the long term, to ensure that they adopt the solution. Find out more about our partner editors of collaboration solutions for which Activeo is certified and highly skilled.