Voice of the customer

Enrich customer knowledge by exploiting interactions & Capitalize on customer value to innovate

  • Capture, process and enhance the customer experience (CEM). An approach with innovative tools

In the era of the analytical optimization, intelligent use of customer data or voice interaction is an integral part of the process to control the company.

Identifying upstream and finely analyzing the content of customer exchanges (causes of dissatisfaction, criticism, emotional feeling,), the enterprise has all the keys to improve its system, review operation, redesign a product to corrective action that will lead to a accrued performance.

  • How to capture, analyze and utilize the Voice of the Customer?
  • What are the trends in use from the convergence of social networking, multi-channel, Web?
  • How to treat and enhance the customer to convert the experience into a competitive advantage?
  • How to address new customer behavior; understand the specific trends in my market, service promise…?

Activeo addresses these issues through its dual business and technology expertise and analytical customer relationship offerings with action-oriented indicators and immediate performance levers.

Example of categorizations include :

The objectives

  • Measure customer satisfaction linked to business results
  • Drive quality through analysis of voice and data
  • Optimize the management of human resources
  • Set KPIs and key indicators functions of international standards

Our offerings

  • Benefit equipped
  • Pre-study or Proof Of Concept
  • Integration and generalization
  • Our implementation approach:

The voice of the customer