Voice of the customer

Capitalising on the voice of the customer: a company-wide approach.

The benefits associated with a Voice of the Customer project :

  • Improve the experience you actually deliver
    to your customers.
  • Share internally what your customers are really saying.
  • Developing your products and services
    so that they meet your customers’ expectations.
  • Improve your knowledge of your customers so you can act more effectively.
  • Identifying emerging trends and new opportunities for innovation.
  • Supporting your employees’ skills development.


With Activeo, we can support you throughout your project in terms of business and technology.


Why capitalise on the voice of the customer?

Continuous integration of the Voice of the Customer is based on constantly listening to consumer needs, offering brands the opportunity to adjust and perfect their strategies in order to achieve excellence in customer satisfaction.

Our support offer is structured as follows:

  • Rethinking your overall system for listening to the voice of the customer.
  • Manage your Text & Speech Analytics deployment projects.
  • Manage your customer or employee survey projects (Enterprise Feedback Management).
  • Rethinking the management of customer dissatisfaction.
  • Defining your cross-functional Voice of the Customer governance system with a view to continuous improvement.

Why choosing Activeo?

For our expertise in the various technological solutions on the market and our long-term support for:

Enterprise Feedback Management Solutions

For companies that want to create and manage their customer and/or employee surveys.

Text & Speech Analytics

Transcribing the Voice of the Customer, detecting emotions and tracking trends.

Chatbot, Virtual assistant Solutions & Ai

Automate the handling of requests, meeting the need for instantaneous and responsive customer engagement.

Capitalise on your Voice of the Customer