Areas of Expertise

Today, collaboration is essential to accelerate information processing, federate skills and facilitate interactions, with the aim of bringing the company ever closer to its customers.

Embodied by the sharing of experiences and practices, it enables the connected company to gain in performance, productivity and relationship quality. Transformed in this way, the company is in a position to develop the relational agility vital to winning over and retaining customers.


Each business covers a dedicated area of expertise:

Activeo Business Transformation: a customer relationship management and organization consulting business that works on projects to improve the customer experience and performance of customer relationship centers.

  • Activeo Technology Expertise: technological and functional projects requiring in-depth expertise in solutions and knowledge of business challenges. Deployment, specific development, training, support and managed services.

Activeo Software Applications: Activeo’s publishing activity, which covers software dedicated to LOGEPAL performance management and UC Care and CC Care collaboration. Specific developments are also offered to enhance the value and performance of customer relations solutions and provide customers with a coherent, unified IT and applications environment.

Domaines d'Expertises


In a market where communication technology is now largely mature, where contact channels are multiple and sometimes overly complex, companies are rethinking their customer interaction model in depth to facilitate the customer journey and gain simplicity and speed in their relationship.

Developing overall performance is also today’s challenge for companies who have mastered the management of volumes and flows, and who favor quality management to achieve the highest level of relational excellence.

On the customer side this time, we can see from numerous studies and surveys that the reasons for dissatisfaction may be little known, little recognized or even ignored by the customer relations center, which in turn deploys strategies and organizes its processes without always taking account of the customer’s experience.

Simplicity in making contact, organizing processes and exchanges, and building relationships over time

Speed in processing and responding to each contact.


Fundamental trends

Leveraging in-depth customer knowledge will benefit both the service professions, by enabling them to offer personalized, tailor-made and differentiated services, and the sales entities, by developing additional sales.

Today’s customer relations centers are at a crossroads, where technological innovation and cost control can combine to create new business opportunities. Regulations and schemes will encourage the enhancement of the profession, and new technological trends – Artificial Intelligence, Bot, natural language, self-service, speech Analytics,… – will make it possible to automate all or part of the customer journey to improve performance.

Activeo’s “normative” expertise in terms of customer relations quality standards also enables us to propose offers ranging from certification to customer relations quality standards.

– Activeo is a member of the AFNOR Certification brand committee: NF 345 Relation clients and ISO 18295-1 & 2.

– Activeo is a member of the AFNOR Standardization committee: ISO Service Excellence

Towards quality-oriented customer relations…

Meeting and anticipating needs are the key objectives directly linked to customer satisfaction. Improving the quality of treatment becomes a key requirement for management. To achieve this, the “customer-oriented” organization must be capable of perfecting the customer advisor’s discourse, providing a consolidated view of activity, planning the call curve, optimizing resources, measuring via indicators,….. Acting on the levers for improving customer relations performance requires parallel intervention on the organizations, processes and technologies used to manage this relationship with the customer.

Activeo is a leading player in terms of know-how and added value, guaranteeing measurable operational results, acting on strategic, decision-making and operational indicators to achieve this high level of customer relationship performance and capitalize on sustainable improvement.

You too can become a committed customer relations expert