Quality Management approach towards an ISO standardization of Service Excellence:

Aiming at “customer experience delight” for each of the interactions with customers has become an increasingly important objective for companies wishing to differentiate themselves on their market. Activeo brings you all its “normative” expertise in terms of Customer Relations Quality Standards and offers you its approach to create an engaging organisation-wide project.

This is the purpose of the new ISO standard “Service Excellence“, currently being developed at the international level, in which Activeo is actively participating as a member of the AFNOR standardization committee.

Its scope will aim to accompany companies from “customer satisfaction” to “service excellence”.

This new standard will enable direct and tangible actions on the organisation’s economic performance via:

While waiting for the finalization of the ISO standardization committee’s work, companies can already enter into a “labelling” process for Service Excellence.

Why engage a Customer Relations certification (NF345 or ISO 18295) or Service Excellence labelling process?

Benefits for your customers (end consumers or stakeholders):

Benefits for your company and/or your Customer Service department:

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