UC Care

Drawing on the know-how and expertise of Activeo’s integration teams, UC Care is Cisco‘s dedicated software solution.

The result of the know-how and knowledge of Activeo’s integration teams, UC Care is the fully dedicated Cisco software solution.

The goal

Respond to issues of administration, operation and integration of the Cisco telephony system and its ecosystem.

In what contexts is UC Care deployed?

Administration: Delegating in a safe and controlled manner according to the company’s organization.

Integration: Automate the integration of telephony in the information system by greatly reducing the risk of errors and operating costs.

Operations: Easily perform tasks and control while remaining autonomous in site management

Users: Provide advanced phone features for ease of use.

What does UC Care offer?

Operating interface :

  • Configuration interface of the stations and simplified profiles
  • Controlled delegation to non-expert operators allowing productivity gains
  • Autonomy of management by site or service

Synchronization mechanisms :

  • Bi-directional synchronization with LDAP
  • Integration in the Information System architecture

User Functions :

  • Management of user preferences
  • Access to extended directories
  • Displaying the name of external callers
  • Patron-secretary filtering

A simple interface, in French, to accompany you in your constraints of exploitation of your telephony and its ecosystem.