Plan large events

With up to 3,000 simultaneous participants, Webex Events is an indispensable tool for communicating with your customers, partners or prospects from all over the world.

End-to-end solution

From planning to post-event analysis, Webex Events has all the functionalities to efficiently organize events or webinars.

Surveys, Chat, Recordings

In real time and/or post-event you can create surveys to find out how your audience feels.

Bring your events to life by broadcasting content and communicating through chat and the question/answer module whether in private or with everyone.

Record your events with a single click for easy replay!

Customize as you wish

Set up your events by modifying certain features to make them more personalized and appealing.

« Inform, Customize, Record and Communicate with your entire ecosystem with Webex Events. Organize and continue your digital events and relay your messages and content to your community!