After « Best Service Is Nos Service », « Me2B », The Frictionless Organization is the new book proposed and co-written by Bill Price and David Jaffe, both members of the LimeBridge Alliance and renowned experts. Beyond these contents that you will certainly have the opportunity to browse, it no longer belongs to companies today to define what customers want; it is the customers themselves who decide! Additionally, we know the importance of the experience lived by the customer during their interaction with the brand or within the framework of the purchasing journey. Dive into the heart of these innovative concepts and become the champion of the customer experience!

The Frictionless Organization, or the organization without friction: Never contact the brand for the wrong reasons! A motto that applies in organizations that have chosen to offer the best experience throughout the customer journey. From product/service design to customer service, simplicity and ease are key. Reducing customer effort, also known as friction by the authors, is the best methodology for limiting interactions without value and increasing those that represent a strong business opportunity.

The Me2B concept

The book defines a simple methodology, based on over thirty practical examples from leading companies on four continents. The approach offers a radically different way for the entire company to focus on the customer experience. It explains how any organization can view all customer interactions as potential opportunities for improvement and ask whether they are useful or truly represent symptoms of friction. Low-friction innovators are disrupting established businesses in all sectors. This is a detailed guide to eliminating friction for any business, from start-ups to large multinationals. Being frictionless has become a strategic necessity. Many examples will be presented in the book, already considered the #1 Best Seller of « Top10 Business Books 2022 »: Airbnb, Amazon, Dyson, Nike, Progressive Insurance, Qantas, Tesla, Vodafone, and Zoom.

The Me2B principle: To face this new reality and get ahead of their competitors, organizations must rethink their approach by adopting the customer’s point of view. This evolution, which disrupts the classic B2B and B2C business models, marks the advent of a new era in which customers take control of the relationship: Me2B. Now, they are the ones indicating what products and services they expect, how interactions should take place, and the price they are willing to pay. To do so, Bill Price and David Jaffe propose an original methodology focused on satisfying the « seven fundamental customer needs. » This method, which can be implemented by any organization, describes both the obstacles to overcome and the principles to apply to build an excellent and sustainable relationship with your customers.

The Me2B concept

The 7 keys to a successful customer experience.

 In the digital age, the customer dictates their relationship with companies. They become the owner and determine when they choose to interact with the brand, which now needs to integrate their point of view into its thinking.

For several years now, B2B and B2C have referred to the processes and customer relationship rules necessary to create value in the company.

Today, collaborative experience allows the consumer to design their product or service according to their needs, which requires a new relational mode that showcases creativity and agility.

In a few words, or even in a few letters: Me to Business, or rather Me2B (pronounced in English) defines these new rules.

 Bill Price and David Jaffe explain in « The Best Service Is No Service, » published by Wiley, how to achieve a successful Me2B experience, through 7 fundamental needs that value the customer and their experience, thereby consolidating their loyalty to the company:

You know me, you remember me You offer me choices You make my life easier You value me You trust me You surprise me beyond all expectations You allow me to be better and do more

Me2B leaders create experiences that meet fundamental relational needs in a complex and multiple universe like the Digital world, beyond just providing a product.

And you? Where are you with your customer promise?

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