AI-powered WFM: a relevant contribution to resource planning

ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THIS ARTICLE: 1. Using data and predictive analysis to optimize planning.2. The contribution of AI in improving team engagement.3Anticipating resource requirements to cope with fluctuations. In customer relations centers, the challenges are many, and the priorities in terms of operational efficiency revolve around people, processes and tools. At the same […]

The power of sentiment analysis in Contact Centers  

The power of sentiment analysis with Amazon Connect in Contact Centers

In customer service, every interaction between the customer and the agent has the potential to build or deteriorate the company’s image. Data analysis can be a determining factor by examining these interactions on a large scale and providing insights on how to optimize these exchanges. In this article, we will address the significant role of […]

A global commitment to a sustainable future!


At Activeo, we believe in environmental policies that contribute to a sustainable future on a global scale. We are committed to CSR with our partners, customers and our entire ecosystem, including participation in certification programmes. La certification Cisco Sustainability : Cisco Sustainability certification is a programme that recognises organisations committed to sustainable practices and environmental […]

Why and how should you outsource project management?


Project management: a profession based on expertise Project management involves planning, organising, directing and controlling all the activities required to complete a specific project. The aim is to achieve the objectives set within the deadlines set, while complying with resource constraints and quality requirements. Ensuring risk management is also an integral part of the project […]

Becoming a Customer Experience Champion: Best practices and innovative concepts…

Pyramide des 7 besoins

After « Best Service Is Nos Service », « Me2B », The Frictionless Organization is the new book proposed and co-written by Bill Price and David Jaffe, both members of the LimeBridge Alliance and renowned experts. Beyond these contents that you will certainly have the opportunity to browse, it no longer belongs to companies today to define what customers want; it […]