The power of sentiment analysis in Contact Centers  

The power of sentiment analysis with Amazon Connect in Contact Centers

In customer service, every interaction between the customer and the agent has the potential to build or deteriorate the company’s image. Data analysis can be a determining factor by examining these interactions on a large scale and providing insights on how to optimize these exchanges. In this article, we will address the significant role of […]

Sentiment analysis: a new trend in the service of the customer experience

Customers are the greatest source of learning for a business. If a customer is unhappy or happy, there’s something about the company, product, or customer service experience that made them that way. With millions of calls recorded, contact centers contain valuable information about a company’s customers. Unlike manual investigation, Sentiment Analysis tools can extract this […]

Conversational agents: Why such a craze?

Whether you are in Customer Relations, Marketing, Digital, IT or Communication, you have not been able to escape either the sudden and generalized rush of these applications or the abundance of actors and initiatives in this field.To go beyond the buzz, we propose to understand this manifestation of digital disruption from all angles…. Like many […]