Why and how should you outsource project management?


Project management: a profession based on expertise Project management involves planning, organising, directing and controlling all the activities required to complete a specific project. The aim is to achieve the objectives set within the deadlines set, while complying with resource constraints and quality requirements. Ensuring risk management is also an integral part of the project […]

What are the keys to an efficient transformation of the organization?

Articles How is transformation defined? It is “the action of transforming, the operation by which one transforms, the resulting modification”. The 3 important elements here are: action, operation and result. For a qualitative transformation, an organization must ACT in a more or less conscious way, define and set up the PROCESSES and/or procedures, coordinate and […]

Quality Monitoring for customer experience and employee commitment

For several years now, the customer experience has been at the heart of the concerns of the vast majority of companies and organizations, regardless of their sector of activity, their field of intervention or their size. This challenge has given rise to real transformation projects, aimed at placing the customer and the employee interacting with […]

New models for the new world! A once in a lifetime opportunity for change.

Never waste a good crisis As many organisations entered the COVID crisis they were forced to work in new ways and achieved changes in three weeks that many said would normally take three years. The crisis tore down change barriers and sped decision making as only a good crisis can do. The sudden move to […]

Compliance Solutions


Financial services and investment firms are under pressure to keep pace and comply with ever-changing regulations and the increased scope of regional legislation, such as MiFID II in Europe and the Dodd-Frank Act in the U.S. Businesses that fail to meet these stringent demands run the risk of lawsuits, penalties, costly fines, and reputational damage. […]