Activeo assists Eutelsat in defining and selecting its multichannel Contact Center solution

"The methodology used by Activeo provided us with a state of the art to frame the mission upstream in terms of technical and functional expectations, while at the same time challenging us."
Head of Operations & Development - Eutelsat
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With a fleet of 36 geostationary satellites and a low Earth orbit constellation of over 600 satellites providing capacity to broadcasters, audiovisual service providers, telecom operators, Internet service providers, and government agencies, Eutelsat Group is the world’s leading satellite operator equipped with integrated GEO-LEO infrastructures.

Eutelsat offers the highest quality of service based on three key principles: technological performance, excellent market knowledge, and innovation.

The same applies to its customer relations, which must respond effectively to all customer requests (incident and change management) 24/7 through its four customer contact centers based in France, England, Italy, and Mexico. A sustainable target organization must meet service commitments (SLA 99.9%) and the follow-the-sun model operated by teams in Europe and South America.

Project context

At the end of 2023, Eutelsat chose Activeo to assist in defining and selecting a Contact Center solution to replace the existing one.

"We needed expert advice to successfully carry out this mission and transform our customer contact centers. Activeo's value proposition attracted us due to the company's positioning and its independence from suppliers. The Activeo team understood our context well, delved into our objectives, and together we defined the roadmap. The consultants who worked on the mission have perfect knowledge of the market and contact center technologies. This enabled us to be efficient in drafting the RFP, analyzing it, and conducting the presentations. Moreover, I greatly appreciated the flexibility in organizing the mission and the availability of the team members."

The scalable solution must perfectly integrate into the working environment of the Support engineers and include voice and email channels. The requirements are numerous in terms of availability, connectivity, security, and scalability, allowing for the management of numerous contact points worldwide and interfacing with Microsoft Teams, ServiceNow, and Salesforce.

Improving service quality and creating added value in each interaction are also expected in this consultation, while keeping in mind the adaptation to the specificities of the services with digital channels and the integration of AI for repetitive and low-value tasks.

Consultation & selection

The specifications were then drafted following the collection of business and IT needs, and the CCaaS bidders were identified based on various validated criteria (functional and technical depth of the solution, integration and customization capabilities, innovation, cost, administration and operation, architecture & security, etc.).

During the presentations, demonstration scenarios were recommended to illustrate the most relevant and frequently observed application and usage cases in the Eutelsat environment.

As part of this mission, Activeo was responsible for designing the evaluation grid, responding to all bidders’ questions, analyzing the responses, and identifying the shortlist.

«  "The methodology employed by Activeo allowed us to have a state-of-the-art framework to structure the mission upstream on the technical and functional expectations while challenging us. The dual expertise in technology and business is a real plus for this type of mission. All the presentations went well, and the tool choice was natural thanks to the clarity and transparency of the evaluation tools provided by the consultant," says Thierry Fourquet. After selecting this software, we will deploy it to the satellite engineers in the contact centers responsible for incident management and customer requests. They will gain efficiency through integration into their work environment. AI processes will help us be more effective (simultaneous translation, summary management, etc.).


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