The power of sentiment analysis in Contact Centers  

In customer service, every interaction between the customer and the agent has the potential to build or deteriorate the company’s image. Data analysis can be a determining factor by examining these interactions on a large scale and providing insights on how to optimize these exchanges. In this article, we will address the significant role of data analysis, particularly in the context of Amazon Connect. We will explore how Amazon Connect harnesses the power of data analysis and sentiment analysis to understand customer behavior, enhance agent performance, and optimize contact center operations. 

Amazon connect Contact Lens:  

The “Contact Lens” AI in Amazon Connect enables sentiment analysis throughout conversations between the customer and the agent. This tool allows contact centers to gain in-depth insights into customer behavior. 

 Contact Lens provides: 

  • Transcription of calls between the agent and the customer 
  • Sentiment analysis 
  • Real-time and post-call conversation categorization. 

Read our article on sentiment analysis in Customer Relations.

Real-time sentiment analysis for agent performance monitoring:

Managers have the ability to analyze real-time interactions with customers to determine the emotional tone of conversations. Through the identification of sentiments such as frustration, satisfaction, or confusion, immediate responses and appropriate solutions can be provided, thus contributing to the improvement of the customer experience. For example, in case of frustration, a real-time alert can be sent to the manager, giving them the opportunity to listen to the conversation and intervene if necessary to assist the agent. By assessing customer sentiments during live interactions, supervisors can intervene as soon as emotions take a negative turn, ensuring a more positive customer experience. 

Tailoring training using sentiment information:

Amazon Connect offers tools that enable contact center managers to make decisions regarding training programs. Sentiment data collected by Amazon Connect provides valuable insights for agent training. For instance, by identifying recurring issues, frequent concerns, or negatively themed topics in customer interactions, contact centers can tailor their training programs. This ensures that agents are equipped to handle specific scenarios more effectively. Sentiment analysis also helps identify areas where agents consistently excel or face challenges. This information can be leveraged to customize training programs and enhance overall agent performance. 

Strategic decision-making using sentiment trends:

The data analysis tools of Amazon Connect enable strategic decision-making based on sentiment trends. For instance, identifying long-term trends of positive or negative sentiments related to specific issues or products can inform and guide decisions regarding product improvements, service adjustments, or marketing strategies, ensuring a more customer-centric approach. 


The integration of data analytics and sentiment analysis by Amazon Connect can reshape your customer service experience. By understanding customer behavior, improving agent performance, and optimizing overall operations, businesses using Amazon Connect can deliver more personalized and efficient services. 

This article is published by  

Rita Ammanouil,

Solution Architect - Activeo

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Activeo accesses Amazon Connect – Certification Service Delivery Program SDP


Through this SDP program, Activeo is recognized for its ability to support customers in Amazon Connect projects. Activeo has met all the highly demanding criteria and demonstrated its expertise in implementing and customizing the solution, which is part of the AWS application portfolio.

Activeo has officially received Amazon Connect accreditation for all its subsidiaries worldwide.

SDP Amazon Connect

This collaboration reinforces Activeo’s position as a trusted partner for customers looking to take full advantage of AWS cloud services.

“Activeo’s inclusion in the AWS Service Delivery program is a significant milestone in our joint journey to deliver cutting-edge solutions in cloud computing. This partnership strengthens our ability to innovate – leveraging the power of AI -, meet market challenges in experience, agility, quality, and deliver exceptional value to customers. With the support of AWS, Activeo is well positioned to succeed in the cloud ecosystem and to contribute to the success of its customers in their digital transformation initiatives,” explains Véronique Godart, Managing Partner at Activeo. Activeo is also leveraging its Logepal (real-time control) and UC CARE (self-care interface for managing callflow parameters) products to complement the Amazon Connect offering and provide a functional dimension. In addition, the service offering integrated into the project approach (consulting, Build, Run, development, managed services) contributes to the achievement of business objectives, while respecting cost, deadline, functionality and adoption commitments.

Several months ago, Activeo and AWS established a close partnership based on a value proposition around the Amazon Connect multi-channel Cloud solution. Activeo’s ability to put its dual technological and business expertise at the service of understanding the need guarantees the success of the project in terms of parameterization and customization based on the power of the solution’s AI. Amazon Connect enables contact centers of all sizes to evolve, thanks to a single, unified platform for voice, chat and task management, as well as all interaction channels. Agile, the solution connects to all CRM and ITSM solutions on the market, and can be used without commitment.

Find out more about Activeo’s latest communications in partnership with AWS:

  • During a jointly organized webinar on the theme of “Making your service Frictionless”
  • At an Amazon Connect / Zendesk / KMS Lighthouse augmented agent demonstration by Activeo

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A global commitment to a sustainable future!

At Activeo, we believe in environmental policies that contribute to a sustainable future on a global scale. We are committed to CSR with our partners, customers and our entire ecosystem, including participation in certification programmes.

La certification Cisco Sustainability :

Cisco Sustainability certification is a programme that recognises organisations committed to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility. By achieving certification, companies demonstrate their commitment to reducing their environmental footprint, promoting social responsibility and fostering positive change.

Cisco Sustainability certification has many benefits:

  • It helps organisations improve their reputation by highlighting their commitment to sustainable development,
  • Attract environmentally conscious customers and differentiate themselves in the marketplace. It also encourages the adoption of sustainable practices throughout the supply chain and promotes innovation in green technologies.

Cisco partners play an essential role in the certification process by working closely with Cisco to implement sustainable solutions, integrate environmentally-friendly practices and promote sustainable development initiatives within their own organisations and with their customers. For example, recycling old equipment free of charge is an integral part of the programme, as is reducing the use of plastic in packaging and improving the durability of equipment.

Last June, Activeo was awarded the “Cisco Environmental Sustainability” specialisation, enabling it to recycle old Cisco hardware free of charge and obtain preferential rates on reconditioned hardware.

Environmental sustainability for all:

Environmental sustainability means the responsible use and conservation of natural resources to ensure the long-term well-being of our planet and future generations. It encompasses practices that minimise environmental impacts, preserving resources and promoting ecological balance.

Sustainable actions include :

  • reducing carbon emissions
  • protecting biodiversity
  • water and energy conservation,
  • promoting renewable energy sources
  • and adopting environmentally-friendly practices in sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing and transport.

By embracing sustainable development, we aim to strike a harmonious balance between human needs and the health of the environment.

Key aspects of sustainable contribution to the global economy:

One of the key aspects of environmental sustainability is mitigating climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

This requires a transition to cleaner, more sustainable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydro power. It is also important to adopt energy-efficient technologies and practices in the building, industry and transport sectors.

By reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and promoting renewable energies, we can work towards a low-carbon future and reduce the negative impacts of climate change (rising global temperatures, extreme weather events, rising sea levels, etc.).

Managing our international resources and those of our customers and partners:

Sustainable management and conservation of resources play an essential role in environmental sustainability, with responsible use of water, protection of ecosystems and biodiversity, and sustainable management of land and forests.

Efforts are aimed at preserving and restoring natural habitats, preventing deforestation and promoting sustainable agricultural practices that help protect our ecosystem. Waste management, recycling and the reduction of single-use plastics play an important role in our environmental impact. By valuing and protecting our natural resources, we can create a more sustainable future, a delicate balance of ecosystems where present and future generations can thrive.

Remember that sustainability is a broad and expansive concept, and there are many approaches to achieving it. In its own way, Activeo is more than committed to this eco-responsibility and participates in local and global programmes.

Contact us to find out more about our commitment, and take a look at our other content on this topic: the EcoVadis label, the United Nations Pact, etc.

This article is brought to you by Angrez Sangherra, Customer Engagement Manager at Activeo.

Activeo joins the United Nations Pact!

Activeo is a signatory of the United Nations Pact, a further step towards a sustained commitment to society.

The Global Compact – France Network operates as an association under the French law of 1901, run by and for its members. It is based on the mobilisation of its members in the various internal bodies: it is a collective and participative network. It is run on a day-to-day basis by a team of permanent staff.

By adhering to the United Nations Charter, Activeo demonstrates its commitment to responsible governance and sustainable development. Activeo works with stakeholders to promote these principles, integrating UN values into its purchasing decisions and actively contributing to the achievement of global sustainable development goals.

Activeo supports UN initiatives and programmes to promote responsible business practices, such as the UN Global Compact and its universally accepted principles.

Reminder of commitments:

  • Human rights :
    • Respect and support universally recognised human rights.
    • Avoid complicity in human rights abuses.
  • Labour standards :
    • Respect freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.
    • Eliminate all forms of forced and compulsory labour.
    • Abolish exploitation and discrimination in employment.
    • Respect the right to safe and healthy working conditions.
    • Respect the right to fair remuneration.
  • Environment :
    • Adopt a preventive approach to environmental challenges.
    • Promote responsible environmental practices.
    • Encourage the development and dissemination of environmentally-friendly technologies.
  • Fighting corruption :
    • Fight corruption in all its forms, including extortion and embezzlement.
    • Reject all forms of corruption, including bribes and illicit payments.

By signing the United Nations Covenant, Activeo undertakes to implement these principles in its activities and to produce an annual report on the progress made. The aim is to encourage companies to act in a socially responsible manner and contribute to sustainable development and the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

For more information: [email protected]

Why and how should you outsource project management?

Project management: a profession based on expertise

Project management involves planning, organising, directing and controlling all the activities required to complete a specific project. The aim is to achieve the objectives set within the deadlines set, while complying with resource constraints and quality requirements.

Ensuring risk management is also an integral part of the project manager’s remit, as is communication and coordination between all project stakeholders.

Finally, customers rely on the project manager to deliver concrete results, achieve the objectives set, meet the requirements and provide the deliverables. As the person responsible for the success of the project, he or she must demonstrate organisation, rigour and good communication and leadership skills.

Why entrust the management of your projects to Activeo and its team of experts?

In the field of customer relations, the project manager is constantly interfacing with back and front office entities in charge of interacting with the customer or stakeholders: communication services or HR when it comes to facilitating change management, the IT department when it comes to upgrading the technology base, the project management team when it comes to talking to the business lines in charge of production, quality when it comes to a NF certification project or setting up a quality reference framework, innovation when it comes to guiding AI, bots, automation or data processing projects, etc. As a two-headed team, the project manager handles business and technological issues with agility, managing both risks and unforeseen events.

Activeo’s experts bring a wealth of experience in the field of customer relations, with most of them having more than 10 years’ experience in CX issues, whether business, functional or technological. This combined expertise enables us to meet all the challenges of remote customer relations. Our belief in the keys to transformation lies in the simultaneous mastery of business, organisational and technological issues. With a high level of skills and expertise, most of our experts are certified (PMP, Scrum, Prince2, NF Customer Relationship Auditor, ISV Solutions) and have carried out dozens of projects. They challenge your certainties, and provide innovation and inspiration in disruption, evolution and transformation.

Activeo’s membership of professional associations such as AFRC, AMARC, AFNOR, and the Limebridge network, which contributes to the development of innovative concepts and shares best practice in CX, also encourages innovation, as demonstrated by the books and articles co-authored by its members. Following on from the BSINS and Me2B concepts, Frictionless Organization is the title of the new book co-authored by Bill Price and David Jaffe, which has already become the #1 bestseller in the Top 10 Business Books 2022.

Outsourcing projects: Top 3 benefits :

1. It is often a question of benefiting from additional resources over a given period, which can vary in length depending on the complexity and roadmap of the project.

Whether or not your company has the in-house skills to manage a project effectively, calling on the services of a specialist service provider means that, in addition to human resources, you benefit from dedicated expertise that has been tried and tested on many similar projects.
It’s an extra guarantee that your project will be a success.

2. Our customers are often faced with busy and ambitious schedules, with the need to involve their business units in several simultaneous projects. It’s therefore a key challenge to enable your resources to concentrate more on their core business, and thus relieve your internal workload.

Your teams can rest easy knowing that our project managers are dedicated to your project, from scoping to delivery.

3. Partial outsourcing of your project management can also be a good way of meeting budgetary challenges. By definition, a project is bound to have its share of unforeseen events – it’s part of its DNA.

But recruiting and training an in-house team can be costly and time-consuming.
By outsourcing project management, you benefit from a pool of qualified, experienced people who can adapt to the size and requirements of your projects.

What they have to say…

Our project managers have their say


Arnaud – Project & Cloud Practice Manager

Why outsource project management?

“Outsourcing means benefiting from the experience of a third party in :

  • phasing of operations
  • operational risks and limitations
  • knowledge of the integrated solution
  • gathering and respecting business needs

It also means limiting the mental workload of the customer’s in-house teams and providing real technical support for communications with key users”.

What is Activeo’s added value?

“A team specialising in Contact Centre and CX solutions and ecosystems. An agile approach and the ability to adapt throughout the project to provide a quality service in line with the customer’s needs. Advice and support to help you make the right choices regarding the proposed implementations. Follow-up and proactivity to discover and analyse new needs or changes in scope during deployment!

Carine – Technical consultant

Why outsource project management?

“It’s a winning combination that combines specialist expertise with an external viewpoint and, above all, risk assessment and control. In this way, the proven methodologies provided by the outsourcer encourage efficient execution, right down to the last detail.

What is Activeo’s added value?

“Value embodied in our understanding of different CX scenarios and processes. Activeo knows exactly how to develop engagement and improvement strategies based on robust market-leading solutions. With its focus on innovation, Activeo keeps abreast of the latest trends in customer experience. Activeo also has extensive experience in a range of sectors, including telecommunications, banking and finance, insurance and many others. Our in-depth knowledge of the specific challenges and needs of each sector enables us to offer relevant and appropriate solutions.

With contributions from

Fanny Lim, Senior Consultant, Activeo

Becoming a Customer Experience Champion: Best practices and innovative concepts…

After « Best Service Is Nos Service », « Me2B », The Frictionless Organization is the new book proposed and co-written by Bill Price and David Jaffe, both members of the LimeBridge Alliance and renowned experts. Beyond these contents that you will certainly have the opportunity to browse, it no longer belongs to companies today to define what customers want; it is the customers themselves who decide! Additionally, we know the importance of the experience lived by the customer during their interaction with the brand or within the framework of the purchasing journey. Dive into the heart of these innovative concepts and become the champion of the customer experience!

The Frictionless Organization, or the organization without friction: Never contact the brand for the wrong reasons! A motto that applies in organizations that have chosen to offer the best experience throughout the customer journey. From product/service design to customer service, simplicity and ease are key. Reducing customer effort, also known as friction by the authors, is the best methodology for limiting interactions without value and increasing those that represent a strong business opportunity.

The Me2B concept

The book defines a simple methodology, based on over thirty practical examples from leading companies on four continents. The approach offers a radically different way for the entire company to focus on the customer experience. It explains how any organization can view all customer interactions as potential opportunities for improvement and ask whether they are useful or truly represent symptoms of friction. Low-friction innovators are disrupting established businesses in all sectors. This is a detailed guide to eliminating friction for any business, from start-ups to large multinationals. Being frictionless has become a strategic necessity. Many examples will be presented in the book, already considered the #1 Best Seller of « Top10 Business Books 2022 »: Airbnb, Amazon, Dyson, Nike, Progressive Insurance, Qantas, Tesla, Vodafone, and Zoom.

The Me2B principle: To face this new reality and get ahead of their competitors, organizations must rethink their approach by adopting the customer’s point of view. This evolution, which disrupts the classic B2B and B2C business models, marks the advent of a new era in which customers take control of the relationship: Me2B. Now, they are the ones indicating what products and services they expect, how interactions should take place, and the price they are willing to pay. To do so, Bill Price and David Jaffe propose an original methodology focused on satisfying the « seven fundamental customer needs. » This method, which can be implemented by any organization, describes both the obstacles to overcome and the principles to apply to build an excellent and sustainable relationship with your customers.

The Me2B concept

The 7 keys to a successful customer experience.

 In the digital age, the customer dictates their relationship with companies. They become the owner and determine when they choose to interact with the brand, which now needs to integrate their point of view into its thinking.

For several years now, B2B and B2C have referred to the processes and customer relationship rules necessary to create value in the company.

Today, collaborative experience allows the consumer to design their product or service according to their needs, which requires a new relational mode that showcases creativity and agility.

In a few words, or even in a few letters: Me to Business, or rather Me2B (pronounced in English) defines these new rules.

 Bill Price and David Jaffe explain in « The Best Service Is No Service, » published by Wiley, how to achieve a successful Me2B experience, through 7 fundamental needs that value the customer and their experience, thereby consolidating their loyalty to the company:

You know me, you remember me You offer me choices You make my life easier You value me You trust me You surprise me beyond all expectations You allow me to be better and do more

Me2B leaders create experiences that meet fundamental relational needs in a complex and multiple universe like the Digital world, beyond just providing a product.

And you? Where are you with your customer promise?

Take advantage of an audit of the maturity level of your organization and recommendations proposed by our experts. Contact us!

Activeo, a French member of the LimeBridge Global Alliance and publisher of the French edition of “The Best Service Is No Service,” offers to discuss your relationship challenges by conducting a free diagnostic/audit of your organization, accompanied by recommendations.

During this opportunity, we will be happy to give you a copy of Bill Price’s book.