AVEM chooses Logepal to manage its contact centers

"We were impressed by the Activeo team's involvement in the deployment of the solution, the smooth running of the contract development phase and their compliance with the commitments made, particularly in terms of scheduling."
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Director of Banking Services at AVEM
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As France's leading player in the bankcard payment terminal market, AVEM manages more than 180,000 terminals nationwide.

AVEM has developed a range of products and services covering the entire spectrum of electronic banking, and supports the development of bankcards for its customers (bank network branches, cardholders, retailers and healthcare professionals).

These businesses require a perfect understanding of both the banking and electronic payment worlds.

AVEM has 8 call centers located in the Lyon region. Specialized by activity, the call centers receive an average of 800,000 calls a year. Outgoing calls account for 20% of this figure, and mainly concern monitoring and supervision activities.

When AVEM overhauled its telephone architecture at the end of 2009, it decided to supplement its existing management tools by installing display solutions across all its call centers.

"We chose Activeo's Logepal solution and LCD screens with on-board PCs. The 120 telephone advisors have access to telephone statistics (number of calls on hold, number of calls handled, level of service quality, etc.) for each of the activities concerned. The labels displayed are much more explicit, so that they can also be understood by our customer visitors - a twofold objective! The graphic charter is faithfully respected, and the gauge and table formats are uniformly reproduced.

"We were impressed by the Activeo team's involvement in the deployment of the solution, the smooth running of the contractual development phase, and their respect for the commitments made, particularly in terms of planning. Today, we're seeing call volumes grow by more than 10% a year, thanks to the increase in the customer base we're maintaining and the diversification of our activities. Looking ahead, the next step for us will be to add business data to the telephony statistics, in order to bring additional value to the indicators.

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