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Entrust its project to overhaul the existing system to an expert in order to improve its adoption and use.

"Activeo provided us with rigorous, personalised support, business expertise, innovation and added value for our teams, while challenging our operational needs when necessary.
David Desouches Directeur Service Client chez Carglass.
Customer Service Director at Carglass
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Verint WFM

WFM evolution at Carglass

Specialized in car glass repair and replacement, Carglass now has nearly 3,000 employees, 450 integrated centers and more than 350 workshop cars in France. Since 1986, private individuals, insurance companies and mutual insurance companies as well as car fleets and rental companies have trus ted Carglass.

In other words, customer care, team commitment and customer attention are an integral part of the brand’s values. The customer relations centers, grouped together on 4 sites, have 400 to 600 agents, depending on peaks of activity and seasonality.

Equipped with the Verint WFM solution for several years, Carglass wanted to entrust its project to overhaul the existing system to an expert to improve its adoption and use, to extract all its value and to propose innovative axes.

For example, the availability of the WFM mobile application allows agents and managers to view the schedule and facilitates responsiveness. Being easily notified in the event of a change in the schedule is a considerable asset, as is the management of exchanges, always via mobile. In addition, cross-planning between departments allows you to optimize the coverage of resource requirements or even campaigns with multiple departments.

A personalized and agile support framework including co-construction and regular exchanges was recommended by Activeo to challenge the existing system and make Carglass teams autonomous. The project was punctuated by technical steps to make the new platform available and more functional steps to accompany the changes with the operational teams.

Working with Activeo's experts

David Desouches, Customer Service Director, praises the operating mode and the collaboration with the Activeo teams: 

“Excellent partnership with Activeo who accompanied us for a few months (Sept-21 to April-22) on a project to redesign our internal planning system (WFM VERINT). They brought us a rigorous and personalized accompaniment, by bringing their business expertise, innovation and added value to the teams, while challenging our operational needs when necessary. And all this with a great availability! Their agile support has been invaluable, and the team is now autonomous in using the solution and optimizing planning


Verint helps the world’s most iconic brands build lasting relationships with customers by connecting work, data and experiences across the enterprise.

Certified partner on the entire employee and customer engagement platform, we are involved in the Recording, Quality Monitoring and AQM, Workforce Optimization WFM and Voice of the Customer modules as well as the Verba compliance solution.