The Conversational Bot: Enrich, streamline and automate interaction

Digital Workplace

Conversational bots are becoming increasingly popular in contact centers due to their ability to help customers quickly and efficiently. These virtual agents are able to complement the support of human agents to make them more efficient, improve the customer experience and reduce contact center operational costs. According to Gartner, by 2026, one in 10 agents […]

What are the keys to an efficient transformation of the organization?

Articles How is transformation defined? It is “the action of transforming, the operation by which one transforms, the resulting modification”. The 3 important elements here are: action, operation and result. For a qualitative transformation, an organization must ACT in a more or less conscious way, define and set up the PROCESSES and/or procedures, coordinate and […]

Sentiment analysis: a new trend in the service of the customer experience

Customers are the greatest source of learning for a business. If a customer is unhappy or happy, there’s something about the company, product, or customer service experience that made them that way. With millions of calls recorded, contact centers contain valuable information about a company’s customers. Unlike manual investigation, Sentiment Analysis tools can extract this […]

Succeed in your Cloud Contact Center project: Accelerate the transformation of organizations

A successful Cloud Contact Center project Accelerating the transformation of organisations The cloud environment today offers many options and facilitates innovation and agility. Nevertheless, to respond to the concerns of IT and the business, which combine performance, security, cost control and innovation, cloud contact center solutions have many advantages. As companies embark on their digital […]

Quality Monitoring for customer experience and employee commitment

For several years now, the customer experience has been at the heart of the concerns of the vast majority of companies and organizations, regardless of their sector of activity, their field of intervention or their size. This challenge has given rise to real transformation projects, aimed at placing the customer and the employee interacting with […]

From Service Quality to Service Excellence

Aiming at “customer delight” for each interaction with its customers has become a priority objective for companies wishing to differentiate themselves on their market through customer experience. This is the purpose of the new ISO standard “Service Excellence”, currently being developed at the international level, in which Activeo is actively participating as a member of […]