WFM project: a new stage in the transformation plan successfully completed

"The Activeo teams were involved from the outset of the project in functional workshops right through to the delivery of training courses. Our experts and project managers fully understood our way of working and made a major contribution to the functional and methodological enrichment of the use of such a tool."
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Head of Forecasting, Planning and Operational Management, in charge of the Hypervision team at Direct Assurance
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Direct Assurance


Direct Assurance, creator and leader in direct insurance, offers solutions for car, home and supplementary health insurance.

A subsidiary of the Axa group, Direct Assurance has almost 650,000 customers and is developing a strong commitment to quality and price.

Today, insurance advisors are based at three sites in Nanterre, Rennes and Rabat. As insurance specialists, they are in charge of activities linked to motor, home and health insurance, and all belong to one of the following departments: customer acquisition, customer loyalty or claims.

"At the end of 2010, we initiated a company transformation plan with high stakes whose scope encompassed the dimensions of products and services, human resources, IT, operations, ...the transformation of our human resources planning management tools was therefore at the heart of our concerns."

In fact, the increase in our portfolio, the improvement in service quality combined with the productivity gains to be achieved were the driving forces behind this project.

"We drew up a set of specifications specifying our requirements. There were many facets to it: in addition to generating forecasts and individual schedules, and planning activities by quarter-hourly intervals, we wanted to plan activities such as digital mail and email processing, daily briefings, and ongoing training, to name but a few. We also wanted to monitor adherence and calculate quality of service in relation to resources.

A total of five vendors were consulted, and the project was entrusted to Activeo for its dual technological and business expertise, and to Verint for its WFM solution, with its accomplished ergonomics and range of functions.

"We carried out a representative multi-site, multi-skill pilot - involving 130 insurance advisors and managers - orchestrated over several months. Based on a complete sampling of particularities: telephone/mail multi-skilling, multi-sites, different employment contracts, etc., this pilot proved conclusive. Activeo's teams were involved from the outset of the project, from functional workshops to the delivery of training courses. Experts and project managers fully understood our way of working, and contributed greatly to the functional and methodological enrichment of the use of such a tool. The changeover went smoothly. In the end, the objectives of increasing working comfort by generating the intra-day schedule in advance, while preserving fairness for the mail activity, were successfully achieved!

Deployment of the solution is now complete, and all functions are in use! In the end, everyone wins

  • The customer, whose waiting time has been reduced.
  • The advisor, because he knows his activities in advance and has a single interface to manage his schedule and vacations.
  • The company, because Direct Assurance has been able to optimize intra-day activities to better respond to call flows, anticipate HR needs and provide quarter-hourly alerts.
  • Hypervision, because call volume forecasts are more accurate, and planning is flexible and collaborative, enabling numerous relevant simulations.


In the future, Direct Assurance plans to enhance the e-learning module by creating content on new offers, guarantees or business processes, while scheduling sessions within the tool. Overtime management and HRIS integration are also under consideration. All in all, a continuous enrichment and improvement process that even involves all employees in this transformation process.

"Even though we're very satisfied with the tool's functionality, we'd like to continue optimizing it by trying out all the possibilities available to us, particularly in the context of version upgrades or feedback that we can do with Activeo."

Some key figures:

  • Advisors know their schedule 10 days in advance
  • An exchange exchange allowing greater flexibility for employees, with an expected volume of over 10,000 requests generated in the tool for 2013.
  • 80% of advisors respect the schedule, up to 90% on the conquest perimeter
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