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Human resources forecasting and planning for greater efficiency

"Since 2007, Activeo has been involved in this technological and functional project, helping us to project the future organization and optimize the use of the tool in our environment."
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Automobile Assistance
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WFM from Verint

ARC Europe, market leader in roadside assistance and mobility services in Europe

Founded in 1992, the Acta group is a major player in the assistance market, providing assistance services throughout France on behalf of automakers and long-term leasers, as well as for all members of the European Automobiles Club through the Arc Europe network.

Backed by its expertise and telephone infrastructure, Acta has also developed a multilingual call center business, offering its customers inbound and outbound call services: market research, satisfaction surveys, hotlines, vehicle reservations, matchmaking, promotional campaigns, etc.

A range of expertise that has enabled Acta to perform and grow to cover more than a million manufacturer vehicles, and see its share of the manufacturer assistance market rise to over 17% in 2007.

"Our service desk has between 400 and 600 agents, depending on the season. We deploy this service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and our agents are dedicated to the front or back office. They are all automotive or tourism professionals, some of them with strong technical skills, not to mention the intrinsic qualities required for smooth interaction with the driver of a vehicle in difficulty in the event of a breakdown or accident. In this configuration, a human resources management solution is essential for effective agent planning and scheduling.

Verint’s WFM tool now enables Acta to manage schedules, vacations, overtime, skills, time off, absences and delays, etc., and to combine this with a budgetary view to identify future recruitment needs.

"This project, supported by Acta's management, has enabled us to harmonize internal processes, facilitate compliance with regulations and, above all, perfect the management of our human resources, thereby enhancing our performance. The forthcoming migration of the tool and its widespread use will even enable us to schedule up to 250 agents in a single quarter of an hour, and to plan up to 6 weeks of planning in one go! These are two significant advances that contribute to greater responsiveness and more latitude in readjusting or taking corrective action.

"Activeo has been involved in this technological and functional project since 2007, helping us to project our future organization and optimize the use of the tool in our environment. Today, we're thinking about how to homogenize the various stages of the customer process, so that through a global vision of the customer, we'll be able to maximize our efficiency. The Activeo - Acta partnership is proving to be a win-win situation, and will continue to improve over the long term.

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