Matmut uses Activeo to improve customer relations

"We entrusted this new project to Activeo, who listens to our context and imperatives, delivers quality services and gets involved alongside us by identifying areas for improvement or pitfalls to avoid."
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Executive Assistant, Head of Telephony and IT Networks at Matmut
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Mutual insurer
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Since its creation in 1962, Matmut has been a local mutual insurer.

As demonstrated by its network of 570 branches, its remote services by telephone or via the Internet, Matmut remains the available, supportive and committed partner. These are the values conveyed by the group, a leading insurer with over 2.8 million members and 6.1 million insurance policies, and which receives over 720,000 calls a month.

These calls are handled in part by the Telephone Reception Centers based in Rouen and Paris (120,000 calls/month). The 250 Telephone Insurance Advisors are responsible for providing policyholders with information and advice on insurance policies (motor, home, personal accident, professional, hunting and boating), underwriting and selling policies, and guaranteeing the quality of service provided to policyholders.

"To increase efficiency, we quickly decided to install a voice server. Today, the IVR tree structure enables calls to be routed to the appropriate department. This automated call distribution system enables us to handle a greater volume of calls - over one and a half million in 2009 - while reducing the number of abandoned calls - a real productivity gain!"

Based on Genesys Voice Portal technology, a major migration of the server is currently underway which, in addition to significant functional enhancements, will enable us to accommodate a tree structure for new insurance products at the beginning of 2010.

"We entrusted this new project to Activeo, who listens to our context and requirements, delivers quality services and works alongside us to identify areas for improvement and pitfalls to avoid. Activeo takes care of script development, while for the rest, thanks to the transfer of skills, we are autonomous on the solution. As soon as the switchover is complete, the new technological base will be able to accommodate future functional and technological evolutions: multi-channel, CTI, real-time statistics display.... - ideas designed to improve the service provided to our policyholders.

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