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PMU: Logepal at the heart of telephone assistance management

"Logepal has become a decision-making tool that enables us to move forward... The impact of such a tool on our performance is not negligible, and in a few months we even plan to extend the provision of statistical data by business data."
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Head of the Telephone Assistance Department at PMU
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Created in 1999, the Telephone Assistance Department has been in operation for 12 years, supporting 11,400 points of sale. The team of 55 telephone advisors receives an average of 800 calls a day, over a wide range covering the stores’ operating hours.

"Certified NF Service Customer Relations Center in 2009, our department needed an intelligent, graphically rich management solution. Following a call for tenders, we chose Logepal, a performance management solution published by Activeo.

Today, the dynamic indicators displayed correspond to the volume of calls received, the number of calls handled, the response rate, maximum waiting time and quality of service in gauge format. Other indicators, such as average processing time per time slot, are also planned to enhance monitoring. The display projects enable a succession of screens with a high degree of customization, partly reproducing PMU ‘s visual identity (logo, graphic charter and screen background). The LogeView module, which enables individual display on the workstation, is used by supervisors who have access to details of daily consolidation and dynamic indicators by site and service provider.

On the set, real-time business management screens coexist with TV screens permanently displaying Equidia, the channel dedicated to equestrian news, analysis, diagnostics and racing. There are also screens for broadcasting specific procedures linked to the types of equipment used at the sales outlets.

"As part of this project, all the players were involved, and training was delivered to the business support supervisor and the functional manager. As a result, the teams are now autonomous in administering the solution. The project was quickly up and running, and helped to revitalize the work floor and provide invaluable support to management. Our aim is to improve efficiency and responsiveness, so that the response rate is optimal over time."

"Logepal has become a decision-making tool that enables us to move forward... The impact of such a tool on our performance is not negligible, and in a few months' time we even plan to extend the availability of statistical data to include business data. We are currently considering the type of query we would like to see, so that our Telephone Helpdesk becomes a technological and business reference within our IT Department!

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