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S2P Groupe Carrefour chooses Activeo for its Quality Monitoring project

"Activeo perfectly understood our needs and the very specific challenges we faced in the finance sector. A team of functional and technical experts supported us throughout this strategic project."
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Sandra CORBY
Call Center Manager at Société des Paiements PASS (S2P)
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Société des Paiements PASS (S2P)

Banking & Insurance
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Quality Monitoring

A banking subsidiary of the Carrefour group, Carrefour Banque has been offering a wide range of affordable, high-performance products for over 40 years.

Société des Paiements PASS (S2P), the Carrefour Group ‘s banking subsidiary, has been marketing a wide range of financial products and services for 28 years, from the PASS card to credit and savings solutions.

"We pioneered the introduction of a private label card, followed by a universal payment card, now held by over 2.7 million cardholders. The launch of the new PASS MasterCard positions us as a major player in the payment card market. This offer focuses on accessibility, loyalty and generosity for our customers".

The offer is accessible via the network and its 230 “Espace Services Financiers” sales outlets, the pass. fr website and distance selling via the call center.

A multi-channel distribution strategy whose synergistic combination of channels is proving winning. As proof, the call center accounts for 25% of sales, and today boasts 60 account managers working daily to serve customers. This technological and human showcase was soon equipped with a natural language voice server to facilitate the customer experience.

The 2 million calls received are mainly inbound and concern requests for information and advice from customers. Multi-skilling is the order of the day, with 5 group leaders acting as sales managers.

We introduced the notion of quality early on in the process, using simple grids to improve quality and encourage skills development. Then we took the plunge and chose Verint‘s quality monitoring solution. A proven solution that perfectly meets our needs for voice recording, data traceability and quality management.

"Activeo perfectly understood our needs and the very specific challenges we faced in the finance sector. A team of functional and technical experts supported us throughout this strategic project".

The solution also includes support functions for the assessment process, reporting and alerts for performance monitoring, and management of security profiles for access to assessments. A complete, scalable solution based on relevant recording rules and an easy archiving system. The tool makes it possible to automate numerous tasks, allowing us to concentrate more effectively on added value, local management and consultant training.

The project was carried out “with all guns blazing” to achieve the success it has today, and has set an example for other departments in the Group. “The involvement of General Management as well as business line staff was strong in the upstream phase of the project, making it possible to cover all functional and technological requirements, mobilize teams and get them on board. Sandra Corby continues.

"Finally, to perfect the model and the way it works, we set up calibration sessions. On the agenda: teamwork, emulation and strong human stimulation. The foundation is now solid and our talents are mobilized. We're looking forward to the next stages with great enthusiasm!

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