SOPRA STERIA uses Google Cloud, Cisco and Activeo to animate its virtual agents

I'm delighted to be working with Activeo, the rare supplier to listen to the customer before proposing something, Activeo's staff are responsive. It's not as a customer supplier, but as a partner.
CTO End User Services at SOPRA STERIA
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46 000
Cisco, Google

Sopra Steria is a European leader in consulting, digital services and software development.

Providing an easy, seamless digital experience, whatever the channel used, has become a standard towards which all companies are striving. Initially applied to customers, this approach has now been extended to employees, forcing business leaders to provide a similar digital experience internally.

With 46,000 employees in 25 countries, Sopra Steria is a European leader in consulting, digital services and software development. Its sales amounted to 4.3 billion euros in 2020. By combining its in-depth knowledge of a wide range of business sectors with its mastery of innovative technology, the ESN provides end-to-end solutions to support its customers in their digital transformation, enabling them to reap concrete, tangible benefits.

With this in mind, Sopra Steria was considering adding conversational AI to its digital strategy. Indeed, the company felt that by developing virtual agents advanced enough for its customers to interact with them easily, it could open up a new era of user support experiences. To achieve this goal, the company turned to Google Cloud, Cisco and Activeo to help make the project a reality.

"We were looking to integrate a new generation of virtual voice assistants at the heart of our platform to meet the needs of users when they call on support services for office and business applications." "The project came to fruition thanks to Google's proven AI, integrated into our Cisco Contact Center solution by Activeo."

As many companies have discovered, the quality of advanced customer experiences is directly impacted by the quality of services offered to employees. By providing internal teams with more contextual information and other digital aids, they are better equipped to serve customers and respond positively to their requests.

Solve complex problems with ease

To this end, Sopra Steria had to meet several challenges in order to enable its customers to :

Sopra Steria identified Google Cloud Contact Center AI (CCAI), a solution developed by Google Cloud and Cisco, as the best option for realizing its vision. Based on Google’s expertise in natural language processing, Google Cloud CCAI is used in some of the world’s largest call centers.

Sopra Steria s’est donc appuyé sur CCAI pour donner naissance à son nouvel assistant virtuel sur les canaux téléphoniques gérés par une solution de téléphonie Cisco, réalisant l’intégration et la mise en œuvre avec Activeo.

Grâce à la compréhension du langage naturel, ce nouvel assistant virtuel permet aux clients Sopra Steria de qualifier les demandes des clients pour mieux les diriger vers le bon agent. Il offre également des options de libre-service pour les demandes de base, telles que la réinitialisation d’un mot de passe. Cet assistant virtuel  automatise aussi la création de tickets d’incidents complexes, en synchronisation avec le système de gestion des services IT.

The Google Cloud CCAI solution covers three main use cases:

As part of its partnership with Google Cloud, Cisco provides native CCAI integration in its Cisco Contact Center solution.

"The work we've done in partnership with Google Cloud has enabled Sopra Steria to create innovative, personalized conversational services capable of improving both employee satisfaction and operator productivity without sacrificing security."

New contact center experiences

Since implementing its new CCAI solution, Sopra Steria has been able to enhance its service catalog with virtual assistants. The offer has aroused immense interest among ESN customers, as it helps shorten waiting, processing and resolution times, while considerably reducing service costs.

"The virtual assistant serves both the user and the operator" "The user benefits from an unparalleled conversational experience and a seamless path to resolving their queries. At the same time, with Google Cloud, Cisco and Activeo, we've improved operator efficiency, so they can focus on adding value to every user interaction."