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“We therefore launched a consultation with market players and chose Activeo to support us in our approach. We were impressed by the quality of the response, the profile of the people involved and their expertise in customer relationship management.”
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Geneviève Balabanian
Head of Technology and Operations, Information Systems Department, Swiss Life
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Swiss Life


A specialist in personal insurance (life, pensions, provident and health insurance), Swiss Life is now a leading player in the pensions and health markets.

The Swiss Life brand, which has been present in France since 1898, embodies the values of expertise, proximity, openness, transparency and commitment, thus confirming its conviction as a corporate citizen.

With a network of professionals and experts in constant contact with its customers, Swiss Life has built its customer relations strategy on know-how, attentiveness and the efficiency of its services. Swiss Life also uses state-of-the-art technologies to achieve the highest levels of quality and performance.

It was in 2006 that a real rethink began on the renovation of the Health department’s telephone platforms, which are spread over 7 sites and use different technologies.

“In parallel with the telephone project, we wanted to rethink our IVR and add a completely new interaction mode, natural language. We consulted the market and chose Activeo to support us in this process. We were impressed by the quality of the response, the profile of the people involved and their expertise in customer relationship management.

Activeo then provided a state of the art and an analysis of the existing situation, followed in 2007 by support in the choice of technology and its hosted mode.

The success of the project lay above all in the involvement of the project management team upstream, in gathering requirements and specifications, but also during the course of the project, with the choice of a steering team combining Activeo and Swiss Life expertise.

In July 2008, the natural language component was added to the IVR.

“Implementing natural language was a real challenge for Swiss Life. This technical innovation has been well understood by our teams. Today, it enables us to make greater use of the skills of our telephone advisors, and simplifies their training.”

“In the end, we improved our pick-up rate by 8 points, which now stands at 92% for a volume of 1.2 million calls per year. But we don't intend to stop there! For 2009, we are planning a number of new projects: the automation of certain management tasks, the implementation of Computer Telephony Coupling with our in-house CRM solution, the roll-out of the chosen technology to all our other call center platforms, not forgetting the continuous improvement and functional upgrades of our IVR... all the while maintaining our successful partnership with Activeo, which enables us to parallelize projects over time.”

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